real-time market data for traders

Market Indices
Low Cost

Subscribe to a real-time Index data feed for only $26 per month. For $59 per month you can access real-time quotes for many Futures exchanges and Stock markets.

Streaming Live Data

TraderBytes provides real-time market data to traders around the world.
Sign-up for our low cost data feed and receive Index and Market data for many exchanges starting today!! The data feed will update live on your computer. Use the TraderBytes data feed with the Ensign charting software. Ensign users receive free real-time Forex quotes and charts !!

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If your broker or current data source does not provide you with Index symbols then you are at

a disadvantage. Sign-up for our Index symbols data feed for only $26 per month.*

If you need a full data feed for all the markets you trade, then pay only $59 per month.*
* plus exchange fees


- Real Time Data

- Delayed Data

- 700 Index symbols

- 600 Forex symbols

- Low Cost

- Full Exchange data

- Compatible with Ensign Charting software

- Great for TransAct, Infinity, AGN, TradePortal, and Cannon Trading customers needing real time Index Data.